Sylvia M. Thomasson Educational Leadership Enhancement Program
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Monday, May 20, 2024

Class of 2009

Lake-Sumter State College assumed primary responsibility for coordination of the 2009 program. Jane Miller, vice president of student affairs at LSSC provided overall program leadership. Chuckie Delano, manager of professional development at College of Central Florida and Dr. Michelle Balon, assistant dean of instructional services at Pasco-Hernando Community College provided program support at their respective institutions.

2008-2009 agenda

The 2008-2009 class
Class of 2009: (from left) Chuckie Delano, Melissa Rushton, Heather Staggs, Sandra Anderson, Connie LaMarca-Frankel, Dr. Michelle Balon, Wendy Neeld, Scott Pennington, Christy Jones, Tammy Castello, Nora Rackley, and Jane Miller.

Opening session
Opening session, hosted by Lake-Sumter State College, began with orientation followed by a leadership workshop. After introductory comments, and a welcome from LSSC President Dr. Charles Mojock, program support leaders provided an overview of the scheduled activities followed by a question and answer session from past participants. After the lunch break, Mr. R.J. Johnson presented an interactive session entitled “Developing the Leader Within.”

Leadership in action
Pasco-Hernando Community College hosted the Leadership in Action session on January 23, 2009. Participants reviewed articles on leadership prior to beginning a full day of presentations including, “Leadership in Action, Using Your KSA’s,” presented by Vince Daviero; “Multiculturalism and Diversity in Higher Education,” presented by Imani Asukile; “Lessons on Leadership,” presented by Dr. Michael Rom; “Effective Strategic Planning,” presented by Debra Bullard; and “Leadership and Self-Esteem,” presented by Dr. Marci Goldstein.

Presidents’ Forum
Lake-Sumter State College hosted the Presidents’ Forum on February 26, 2009. Jane Miller, vice president of student affairs at LSSC welcomed everyone and introduced the presidents in attendance.

Dr. Katherine M. Johnson of Pasco-Hernando Community College, Dr. Charles Mojock of Lake-Sumter State College and Dr. Charles Dassance of College of Central Florida participated in an open forum discussion on topics covering leadership styles, leadership experiences, and helpful techniques and tips they had acquired over their careers. A question and answer session followed, in which the leadership program participants were able to gain information on becoming a successful leader and how to maintain effectiveness.

Ms. Anita Torres of Alternative Learning Designs LLC, then facilitated the interactive workshop “The Leader Within You.”

Legislative days in Tallahassee
Legislative days in Tallahassee: (from left) Tammy Castello, Nora Rackley, Sandra Anderson, Heather Staggs, Melissa Rushton, and Connie LaMarca-Frankel.

Legislative days
From March 23-25, the class traveled to Tallahassee to learn more about state government. Pasco-Hernando Community College Attorney Steve Schroeder provided background information on FACC and his role in lobbying the legislature. Participants met with Ms. Barbara Cohen-Pipen of Broward College and Ms. Victoria Hernandez of Miami Dade-College regarding their roles at their respective institutions. Participants also visited both the senate and house galleries.

Leadership strategies
College of Central Florida hosted the Leadership Strategies session on April 17, 2009. Dr. Tim Wise, vice president for student affairs at College of Central Florida discussed how to successfully transition into a new employment position. This was followed by an interactive session entitled “Putting Strategies to the Test.” After lunch, the group used the remaining time to discuss the final project, as well as, their job shadowing experiences.

Class project
For our class project, we created a teaching and learning toolkit for managers, students, and employees called Understanding Ethics.

Graduation took place at Lake-Sumter State College on May 20. Jane Miller opened the ceremony with a warm welcome and introductions. This was followed by opening comments by Dr. Charles Mojock, president of Lake-Sumter State College. Our graduation speaker, Dr. Barbara Howard, vice president of academic affairs at LSSC, shared her leadership experiences with the group along with words of encouragement and support. The group project was presented by participant, Wendy Neeld which was followed with closing comments by Dr. Michelle Balon and Jane Miller.

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